About Us

Here at Nice One Entertainment, we pride ourselves on producing some of the world’s most delicious looking eye-candy.

At the same time, we also look to ensure that all required conceptual ingredients are of the right mix — resulting in an all round tastier finished product.

This is quite unique to us in comparison to many international art houses; we not only offer the creative and artistic skill of various award winning ASEAN artists, but those too of many award winning writers.

The term, ‘through-the-line’ is usually associated with the advertising industry.

This is thought to be quite appropriate for our conceptual services, partly due to observations made by Head of Entertainment Creatives, Jerry Hinds.

Originally from UK, Jerry has spent over 20 years in the advertising, creative and marketing sectors, and thought it also key that NOE offer conceptual written services alongside the illustrated.

This approach is born of his keen interest in comic books — “A comic mind is a fertile mind.”

Such a passionate and active belief later led him to publishing and the position of president of the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) — resulting in the convergence of many outstanding creative talents from around the region.

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