Character Design
ARMOURGEDDON - Fantasy males come in all shapes and sizes, especially when created for gaming.
Created by Noviant, dual creations of beautifully textured aggression flank a majestic dragonnaught, designed by Jerry Hinds.
ROCK, STOCK & BARREL - Creative briefs of all shapes and sizes require ideas that aptly fit.
Relishing anything from the rocktastic cast of designer Alia, to the deadly looking females of designers Metalhead and Ekoputeh.
COSPLAY - Covering design from heroic Sci-fi to escapist fantasy requires a varied understanding.
Designer Zaki Ragman rapidly generated varied casts for customary first stage concept developments.
EAST MEETS WEST - Stories can often require the factually historic and stylish contemporary.
Artist Kevin Low was requested to design a range of characters that spanned 500 years and originating from two continents.
THE CUTE AND CUDLY - ...are not always so, as this master of mischief was anything but 'likeable'.
The 3D rendition of Dr Diabetez was designed by Zaki Ragman and Jerry Hinds, and went on to be part of an award winning short.
FEME FATALES - Ranging from pseudo real, to sci-fi and the deadly, fantasy females come in all guises.
Created by Jerry Hinds, a range of varied mediums were deployed to capture the varied moods of each concept.
STEAM PUNK - science meeting old industrial 19th century armoury was a key motivation here.
Created by Endro Yuono, a wealth of costumes, tactical firearms and environmental designs were crafted.
GUNS, GADGETS AND GOGGLES - Steam punk game design is synonymous with intricacies and dynamics.
Endro Yuono was requested to create a cast of male & female characters, all of noticeably individual style and presence.
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