Conceptual Design
MAN VS METAL - Earthly destruction at the hands of a metacreature needs to invoke urgency and fear.
Executed by Noviant, this face-off action scene eerily depicts deathly destruction as the gargantuan beast confronts the military.
HIGH RISE ATTACK The art of blending real-life photography and the surreal maximises believability.
Picturing Singapore under attack, a most revered piece of architecture is placed under attack by designer, Zaki Ragman.
SKYDROPPING - Setting the right scene matters; whether for ideas of deathly dawns or mad mechanics.
Designer Noviant mobilised hostile mecha for a day of destruction, while Embrio creatively captured a rebel of real cause.
HEAVEN OVER EARTH - Euphoric occurrences are better realised with characters of blissful beauty.
Conceived by Endro Yuono, creatures forged of magical mecha and humans of a heavenly presence spiritually resonate.
WRATH OF THE GODS - Epic confrontations born of the heavens require a high level of imagination.
Embellished textures and inspired props has artist Endro Yuono depicting rich folklore at the most contemporary.
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