REVEALING ANGLES - Graphic novels, manga and comics are created for a vast range of markets.
A lifestyle men's magazine required Jerry Hinds to collaborate with Rhamesh Kula and create a concept, suitable for product placement.
DARK SURPRISES - Modern graphic novels often explore the ultra realistic and can also be set anywhere.
Ekoputeh illustrated a dimly lit concept of the dark and deadly along with a period piece of the intelligently old and ominous.
WATCH YOUR BACK! - Costumes and heroes often require sudden actions and dynamic storytelling.
Creator Donald Jackson requested Jerry Hinds to visualise a scene where the unexpected creeps up on a central protagonist.
LIFE IN THE FAST LANE - Comics are often at their best when exploring dramatic teen life and romance.
Artist Toni Masdiono was required to demonstrate greatly varied expressions of facial emotion and bodily behaviour.
DAMSEL IN DISTRESS - Timeless acts of drama are cornerstone in comics, and retelling such is common.
Writer Chad Bowers commissioned Jerry Hinds to resurrect King Kong and have a new hero save the day... and the damsel.
HIGH DRAMA - Beyond sublime presences of colour and tone, some concepts require strong blacks.
Three distinctly different settings had Toni Masdiono explore aspects of lighting and effects that each concept greatly required.
FACE FRONT! - Characters are singularly thee most important part of any story, thus faces are essential.
For creator/artist Jerry Hinds came a script from writer Boey Meihan that had the artist focus on three distinctly different antagonists.
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